Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrap it Long

Hey People,

How is your week going? I am so sorry I couldn't blog last week, I was under the weather but now I am back and strong. lol! I finished my swimming lessons last Friday and I had fun all through, it was an intense workout, for about a week my whole body hurt, but after that week, I sailed through it like a pro. Yours truly can now swim, not in the deep end though as I cannot tread yet, I am working on that.
This look was something I threw together on Sunday after having a bad hair day. You naturals know how our hair has a mind of its own, that morning it refused to cooperate so I put it in a turban. I made the dress and the clutch by the way. :) I hope you like. Enjoy.

Shout out to Daniel for taking these amazing pictures. They turned out well.

Drape dress: Valerie Black
Oversize Black clutch: Valerie Black
Black heeled Sandals: Anne Michelle
Accessories: Random Store on Santee Alley


  1. You look gorg!..Love the dress x the turban.

  2. Thanks!! U r beauriful so the pics came out better!!!