Monday, November 10, 2014

Draped out.

Hi guys,

It's been about three weeks since I blogged. I missed bloggersville. I traveled to Naija for a bit and the internet situation there can be a pain so I did not want to get into it at all. 

I have been loving the drapey look for a while now so I decided to make something simple and drapey of course. Lol! I woke up early Sunday morning and rustled this dress up. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Hope you like? Have a lovely week ahead!

Coat: Forever 21
Shoes: Just Fab (added the nude ankle strap)
Belt; Thrifted
Dress Valerie Black

Monday, September 29, 2014

Casual chic!!!

Hi guys,

How's your week going? I've been crazy busy guys, sewing like there is no tomorrow.

I wore this outfit two Sundays ago and I was supposed to put this post up last week but never got around to doing it. I should put up another post before the end of this week to make up for missing last week,

Have I mentioned how much I love high waisted pants? Omg! I'm so in love with them, I have them in shorts, denim and also regular fabric, they just add a little something extra to your outfit. I found these ones on H&M. They are a mash up between high waisted pants and leggings. They are called treggings and are super comfy. If your wear high waisted pants a lot, you know it can be a bit uncomfortable in the crotch area but these are super stretchy so they don't have that issue.

I think I've babbled on enough about my love for these pants. lol! Enjoy the rest of your week guys.

Tee: Target
Treggings: H&M
Necklace: Zara
Clutch: Ebay

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bright and Fair!!!

Hi guys,

How are y'all doing? I wore this outfit last Sunday for thanksgiving service. When I was thinking of making this outfit, I wanted something bright and cheerful and I think I achieved it with the way the outfit came out.

If you want something made for you, don't forget to contact me here. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Outfit made by yours truly

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shift it out!!!

Hi guys,

Happy thanksgiving Sunday guys!!! I'm excited for no reason. lol! I think it's cos I just had a good lunch at a quaint Vietnamese restaurant in Towson with the Sibs. Food does me that way.

I wore this outfit a couple Sundays and I got loads of compliments on it. I was really feeling myself. Hehe!! If you want an outfit made for you, please contact me here. Have a wonderful week ahead guys!

I forgot to mention, I made the dress in case you were wondering. :)

Dress: Valerie Black
Clutch: F21

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Ultimate Maxi!!!

Hi guys,

I can't believe its September already!!! August went by so fast. Anyhoo! I'm glad its gonna be fall soon. I love fall! How's your week going? I started mine with a cleanse. Its supposed to last 10 days but let's see how far I can go. lol! The last time I did it, I only lasted 5 days. Oh well! we do what we can. I can't come and die on top cleanse. lol!
I've been wanting to make this dress forever but I only got around to making it last week and I absolutely loved the way it turned out. it can be worn so many ways like I show in this post. I hope you guys like it. If you want this dress made for you or any other outfit, contact me here

Which way do you prefer?

Dress: Valerie Black
Ankara belt: Valerie Black

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The ankara crop set

Hi guys,

How's your weekend going? I'm spending mine watching anime; the full metal alchemist and so far its been entertaining. I started watching it some years back but I stopped so I decided to start up again.

I've made this crop set in so many fabrics and so many lengths. I decided to make one for myself to wear for the tums showcase. Since I did not get a chance to take a picture that day, I decided to take the pictures later. I'm not too thrilled with the quality of the pictures but hey! they will  have to do. lol!

If you want one made for you in another fabric of course, cos i'm sure this fabric is quite dull for most people, you know what to do, send me a mail here
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xoxo.

 I don't even know what I was doing here

Crop set: Valerie Black