Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black and Red.

Hey Beautiful People,

How is your week going? I'm so sorry about not doing a post last week, I was a bit ill, I get a little ill whenever the weather changes. I find that very strange. lol!

So this look was something I put together because I wanted to be girly, because I realized my style is more androgynous so I wanted to try something different. I hope you like. Enjoy!

Dress: F21
Envelope clutch: Valerie Black
Shoes: Gifted.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stenciling Print.

Hey Beautiful People!!!

I never want the weekend to end, but oh well! one must get back to work. I was inspired by some girl one you tube that used paint and stencils to revamp an old pair of jeans and I was like I can do this. The good thing about this is that it is very easy to do, you just need fabric paint, or in my case I used acrylic paint and bought a textile medium to soften the paint, an old pair of jeans in need of revamping and a foam brush and voila! you have a new pair of jeans. I hope you like! Enjoy! Have a beautiful week!

Shirt: Random store
Pants: DIY
Belt: Thrifted
Satchel: F21
Shoes: H&M

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey People,

How's your week going? Mine has been quite slow. I'm starting to see a change in the weather which i'm really happy about because it has been so hot, so the cold is a welcome change.

I wore this look some Sundays back and the top was a parting gift from a designer friend when I was leaving Nigeria. I hope you like! Enjoy!

Blouse: Gifted
Oversize Clutch: Valerie Black
Skirt: H&M

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!

Hi people,

Nigeria is 52 today! Happy Independence day Nigeria!
Last weekend was the Ankara fest which held in Hollywood and I was a vendor there. I got informed about it a week to the event and there was little or no time to start making clothes to sell so I decided to make some accessories and the turnout was quite good.

I just took a few pictures and I decided to share with you guys. Hope you like. Have a wonderful week.

                                                 Harem pants also worn here

Crop top and Harem pants and earrings made by Valerie Black.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Fox is Here!!!

Hey People,

How's your week going? Mine has been quite busy. I have been preparing for the Ankara fest on Saturday taking place in Hollywood. I wish I knew about it earlier, I probably would have made some clothes to exhibit, but right now I have a stand so I am making jewelry to sell. I never pegged myself as a jewelry maker but it seems your girl has quite a knack for it and under the short notice it was the only thing I could do. :)

I said in my last post I said that I had been trying fabric painting. Well! Here is the result! Will you wear the top? I made everything i'm wearing. I am pretty proud of the results. Hope you like! Enjoy!

Crop top: Valerie Black
Harem pants: Valerie Black
Satchel: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blue and Mustard

Hey People,

How's your week going? Mine has been going well so far. I've been experimenting with paint and I'd show that in my next post, I'm pretty excited about it, I have been painting whatever I can lay my hands on. lol!
I featured one of my friends here today with me, she was rocking the hi-low trend as I was. I hope you like the pictures. Enjoy!

                                                                 My smallie :)

Shout out to Daniel who always indulges me and takes my pictures. By the way, he made the bow-tie. I think I'm rubbing off on him. hehe!

Mullet dress: Mustard seed
Oversize clutch: Valerie Black
Sunglasses: Police
Watch: Seiko