Monday, February 24, 2014

Casual Sunday!

Hi guys,

How was your weekend? Hope it was good? I just wanted to drop by quick and show what I wore to church on Sunday. I was having a lazy day and was in no mood to dress up so I opted for something chill. Hope you like! Enjoy!

Oh! and I'm still working on a collection of ready to wear clothes designed and made by me that would be available for sale on the blog soon. I can't wait for you guys to see it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sunlight Lover!

Hi guys,

Happy new year!!!! I know i'm about a month and some days late and I apologise for my tardiness. lol! I just realised I've not been here since October and I do apologise. The end of 2013 was quite crazy for me because I left Maryland to Nigeria before I started any wedding plans and it was just madness all the way.

I will try to blog pictures of the wedding so you guys can share in my joy. It was hands down the happiest day of my life. Ok! I've been working on some things this year, I want to open a shop on my blog to sell some pieces I make since there has been a request for it. Hopefully, by the beginning of March it should all be ready.

My post for today is just an outfit I wore in Nigeria that I never got around to posting. I miss the Sun. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

top: forever 21
Shorts: Thrift store ( shortened and distressed it myself)
shoes: F21
bag: F21