Monday, August 27, 2012

We make it peplum

Hi People,

I am trying to be organised this week, so far I have done three things on my to-do list. I am so proud of myself because this is the first time ever I have done anything I write down. lol! I sort of just get them done whenever. I hope I can keep it up throughout this week.
I have been seeing peplum all over the place and it is surprising, I din't know it would come back in style so fast because some three years ago that was what we were rocking, Anyhoo! I respect those of  you who follow trends because as far as I am concerned it is a full time job.
This was my attempt at converting one of my tops to a peplum style top with a belt, we make do with what we have. lol! the top, skirt and necklace were all made by yours truly. I hope you like? Enjoy!

I know some of you would be wondering if those are the only pair of shoes I own? lol! I don't know why it goes with everything, or maybe I just like them too much. lol!

                                                   Glorying in my imperfections

Top: Valerie Black
Mullet skirt: Valerie Black
Bib neckalce: Valerie Black
Button Earrings: Valerie Black
Shoes: Anne Michelle
Bag: Ebay
Watch: Betsey Johnson

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