Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stripes and Flowers

Hey People,

How are you doing? How has your week been going? Mine has been going wonderfully well! I just saw myself in these pictures and realised how dark I had gotten. For the past two weeks the weather has been in the 90's out here in LA. Its like my sunscreen has refused to work, or maybe it is the swimming. I have never been this dark even when I was in Nigeria under the hot sun. It seems the sun that shines here is different. lol!

For this look, I tried the mixing print trend again, (see my first try here) and I loved how it turned out, the top, pants and belt were thrifted, while the necklace and oversize clutch were made by me. I hope you like. Enjoy!

top, pants & Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: DIY you tube tutorial
Oversize Clutch: Valerie Black
Shoes: Guess

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