Saturday, August 2, 2014

Effortlessly chic...

Hi guys,

How's your weekend going? I just started watching supernatural, I see it on TV but I never really follow it. I've been a little skeptical abut it because of all the demon hunting and stuff, things like that scare me a bit. It's weird because I think I've watched all the paranormal series out there. Give me some vampires, throw in some werewolves, a mix of fae and i'm a happy camper. lol! Anyhoo! that's what í've been doing with my weekend, hope yours is more fun.

If you guys see from my fashion posts, i'm more of a laid back/casual dresser; I'm all for comfort. If that outfit is fabulous but not comfortable I shall not go near it. lol! that's just how I roll. So I loved this outfit  I wore last Sunday because it was effortlessly chic. Hope you guys like. Enjoy!

 I did a braidout and the hair turned to a frizz ball after service, not that it bothers me anyway. I say the frizzier the better. lol

Top: H&M
Pants: gifted

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