Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello Lovelies!

I am officially a graduate of FIDM! Yay! I walked on the 16th of this month, my folks came in from Nigeria and we all had a blast! I've been working on a couple of things for myself and the occasional customer. lol! This shirt is one of the projects I have been working on. I drafted the pattern and cut out the fabric a while ago but I decided to sew it on Saturday and it took me the whole day because I was determined to wear it to church on Sunday. By the way I made the envelope clutch and button earrings too. The babe is on a budget. :)

I got the fabric for a dollar per yard at the FIDM scholarship store downtown LA. For those of you living in LA, the have extremely good stuff at ridiculous prices. I hope you like.

For your crop tops please visit my Etsy store and get yourself one.

Oversize shirt: Valerie Black
Envelope Clutch: Valerie Black
Shoes: Aldo
Earrings: Valerie Black
Jewelry: F21

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