Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey peeps!
I know I have been away for a short while and I apologize. I have been trying to settle into my new apartment, meet my roommates, go for orientation, registration and my first day of school. Well! Here's a little something from LA. Its so beautiful out here.
 I just love this fabric (chiffon), its not the easiest for me to work with, but it is so versatile, it moves wherever you want it to, it flows, it drapes. I am discovering the many ways the fabric can be used.

 Zahra (new roommate), Paige, yours truly, Skinny hipster who was kind enough to come with me to LA, Paige (new roommate)
 Skinny hipster, Paige (roommate), yours truly.

chiffon dress: Valerie Black
watch: Betsy Johnson
cross body bag: Liz Clairborne
photo shoot: skinny hipster


  1. Nice pictures there, with the dress, the trees++
    Waiting for mroe

  2. Nice Dress!!! u have excellent taste in designing!!!